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Physio Pulse
Vassilis Angelopoulos - Physiotherapy - Osteopathy - Acupuncture - Pilates Clinic - Chalandritsa Patra


Welcome to Physio Pulse, the innovative osteopathy, physiotherapy, acupuncture and pilates clinic, located in the heart of Chalandritsa, Patras. Under the direction of the specialist therapist, Angelopoulos Vassilis, Physio Pulse represents a new dimension in the provision of health services, combining modern medical knowledge with traditional therapeutic approaches.

At Physio Pulse, we adopt a holistic approach based on the BIOPSYCHOSOCIAL MODEL OF PAIN, understanding pain as a multifactorial phenomenon. We recognize that health is influenced by physiological, psychological and social factors, and aim to resolve orthopedic and neurological conditions.

Before treatment begins, we perform a detailed overall assessment of the patient, taking into account their history and examining their body. This integrated approach allows us to formulate personalized treatment programs for each patient, tailored to their needs.

In the field of osteopathy, we approach the body as a connected whole, focusing on its structure and function. The mobilizations carried out aim to restore the normal function of the body's tissues.

Biomedical acupuncture, a painless technique, is used to stimulate nerve endings, positively affecting the central nervous system and providing immediate relief.

The therapeutic exercise program includes clinical Pilates, a comprehensive exercise method that improves posture, stabilizes the trunk and increases joint mobility, while adapting to all ages and conditions.

The use of high technology is enhanced with modern equipment such as TECAR radio frequencies and pressotherapy. TECAR radio frequencies accelerate the natural regeneration of tissues, while pressotherapy achieves lymphatic decongestion and activation of metabolism.

At Physio Pulse, we are committed to offering high quality, specialized health services aimed at immediate relief and restoration of mobility, offering a comprehensive care program for everyone.