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 Biomedical acupuncture
Physio Pulse - Angelopoulos Vassilis - Physiotherapy - Osteopathy - Pilates Clinic - Chalandritsa Patra


Welcome to "Physio Pulse", the center of osteopathy, physical therapy, acupuncture and clinical pilates, which combines the modern approach of Vassilis Angelopoulos, located in Chalandritsa, Patras. At Physio Pulse, we emphasize the provision of high-level therapeutic services, incorporating modern biomedical acupuncture into our field.

Biomedical acupuncture, a painless technique, is a key part of the therapeutic range offered at Physio Pulse. Through the stimulation of nerve endings in the body, a stimulus is transmitted to the central nervous system that stimulates specific centers in the brain. This process affects the body through the production of hormones and substances that are naturally present in our body.

The effect of biomedical acupuncture is often immediate, offering a pleasant feeling and relief to patients. This process treats various health problems, stimulating self-regulation and the body's natural balance. At Physio Pulse, we devote attention to the specialized application of this technique, offering an appropriate means of relieving and renewing your health.