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Physio Pulse - Vassilis Angelopoulos - Physiotherapy - Osteopathy - Biomedical Acupuncture - Pilates Clinic - Chalandritsa Patra


Welcome to "Physio Pulse", the center of osteopathy, physical therapy, acupuncture and Pilates clinic, Angelopoulos Vassilis in Chalandritsa, Patras, where we adopt the most modern and effective treatment methods. One of the modern equipments we use at "Physio Pulse" is pressotherapy.

Pressotherapy is an innovative trend in the field of body treatments, as it achieves lymphatic decongestion through lymphatic compression. The pressotherapy machine uses micro-pressures of air on specific parts of the body, activating the metabolism and allowing for easier elimination of toxins. In this way, the restoration of proper lymphatic circulation is achieved, offering our patients an enhanced sense of well-being and freedom of movement.

At "Physio Pulse", we are committed to providing high quality health services using advanced methods and modern equipment. Pressotherapy is one of the many tools we use to offer comprehensive care and wellness to our patients.