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Physio Pulse - Angelopoulos Vassilis - Physiotherapy - Acupuncture - Pilates Clinic - Chalandritsa Patra


Welcome to Physio Pulse, the center of osteopathy, physical therapy, acupuncture and clinical pilates of Angelopoulos Vassilis, distinguished for its modern approach to osteopathy. Based in Chalandritsa, Patras, Physio Pulse treats health as a set of subtly connected parameters, where osteopathy offers the opportunity for self-regulation, self-healing and health maintenance.

The osteopathic approach we apply at Physio Pulse is based on three main principles. First, we perceive the human body as an integrated system, where the unity of its component parts is critical to health. Second, we recognize the close relationship between structure and function, as smooth functioning depends on balanced structure. Finally, we emphasize the human body's ability to self-regulate, self-heal and maintain health.

Through specialized movements carried out on the human body at Physio Pulse, we seek to restore the normal function of the tissues. With the combined use of technology and specialized professional knowledge, we provide personalized osteopathic treatments aimed at improving the overall health and well-being of our patients.